A Food Processor That Works Silently  

    The sound of my mother's food processor back at my hometown is usually loud and would make uneven slices in our salads. The noise of the fruit processor wakes my son up from his nap. Sometimes the noise would make our dog bark and receive complaints from our neighbours.

    Finally, I bought the KitchenAid KFP715, the  best food processor  for my mother and myself. I was able to carry my food processor anywhere as it is light and easy to carry. The food processor is famous for its excellence in slicing; now our salads and fruits look more appetizing.

    The best about the KitchenAid KFP715 is that it's quiet and there are no more disturbances to my son and our dog. That also means no more complains! It comes with 2 speeds and pulse which we can adjust the speed on slicing or blending our food.

    Plus, the KitchenAid KFP715 comes in a one year warranty. The only thing that I hate the most about this food processor is that my mother loves it so much; she keeps calling me and talks about the food processor!


What to Look for in a Food Processor 


    All food processors perform the same function. There are not many differences among all the food processors in the market but the best food processor is one which has fulfilled some vital points which you should look for.

    An important feature is that the food processor is one that can process food promptly and consistently. You should look for a food processor with a heavy chassis which is able to prevent the food from moving upwards and results in uneven processing. Its capacity is also essential because when processing liquid ingredients, the effective capacity of the food processor is half of its actual capacity.

    The ideal capacity is no less than nine cups. A wide feed tube is also beneficial when it comes to processing larger pieces of food. Last but not least, the most important point is its safety feature.

    The food processor should not start until both the bowl and the top have been locked. Looking for a food processor should not be difficult if you if you know what to look for. The tips mentioned should be of great help.